You can also use the mouse wheel to scroll, and press C to change rotation mode. I forgot to put those bits of information in the instructions.

Get lots of fuel, nom nom nom.

Quotes from friends who have played this game:

  • "This game is awful, it's too hard."
  • "I can't get into orbit"
  • "it's fuckin difficult"

Also it's boring as fuck, but so is space, so think of it as just being hyper-realistic.


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Very difficult game!

The gameplay is pretty solid, but could be a bit better explained without having to read a block of text. I enjoyed the ship editing mechanic, but I suck so bad at the game I could rarely get far enough to collect any modules.

I really liked the effort put into the audio too, keep it up! The graphics get the job done and I really can't complain.

Overall, it's an enjoyable experience, but it's very difficult and unintuitive for beginners (in my opinion). Also I laughed a little bit at the "Don't start game" button :)


Haha, thanks. Unfortunately the gameplay was added right at the end and rushed, so it's not very fleshed out. It could really benefit from a tutorial and better spawning mechanics. I learned a lot from making it though and if I were to do it again I would definitely cut back slightly on the features so that I had time at the end to refine the gameplay and graphics.